Low Strength Semaglutide (GLP1)

Semaglutide Low Strength

2.5 mg
6 weeks

Low dose of semaglutide, suitable for those starting out. - Typically arrives in 2 weeks

  • Semaglutide is a powerful weight loss medication
  • It works by mimicking your GLP1 hormone
  • Feel Full with Less
  • Controls hunger by reducing glucagon
  • Users lost an average of 15% of body weight in trials
  • Best for long-term weight loss

$ 250 USD

Low Strength Semaglutide (GLP1)

Experience the life-changing power of Semaglutide, a revolutionary weight loss medication that effectively suppresses your appetite. It's the key to unlocking a healthier, slimmer you and a future filled with confidence and self-love. Embrace this transformative treatment and embark on a journey towards a brighter, more vibrant future. Say goodbye to excess weight and hello to a better, more fulfilling life. Take the first step today!

Semaglutide Low Strength

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for Semaglutide

First, select and purchase the semaglutide product you want.

You will get an email with a link to fill out a secure form in order to make sure you qualify and are aware of the side effects.

In order to qualify for semaglutide, you must be overweight/struggling with weight management.

Our clinical team will reach out with further questions, or confirm that your order is on the way.

Most semaglutide orders arrive within 2 weeks, but since there is a shortage of the medication, sometimes it may take longer. Rest assured - we're working on getting your order to you as fast as we can.

What is semaglutide

Semaglutide is the FDA-Approved active ingredient used in Wegovy® that has helped thousands of people lose and maintain weight loss in combination with diet and exercise.

GLP-1s are groundbreaking medications that have shown remarkable results in clinical studies for weight loss. GLP-1 medications help regulate and improve your body’s weight loss factors - such as blood sugar response and insulin. By changing these factors, your gut will send signals to the brain to improve metabolic function and regulate your digestion and appetite, helping you feel fuller longer. In studies, patients lost, on average, 15% of their body weight with GLP-1s.

How do I give myself a sub-cutaneous injection

Draw up the medication

  1. Remove the seal on the top of the vial and wipe with alcohol
  2. Remove the orange cap off the needle
  3. Hold the syringe like you hold a pen or a dart, inserting the needle into the middle of the rubber stopper perpendicular, so the needle does not bend.
  4. Together, turn the vial and syringe upside down.
  5. Make sure the tip of the needle is in the liquid.
  6. Pull the plunger down, past the dosage prescribed. Then, push up to the prescribed dosage, as this will remove all air bubbles.
  7. Once you have the correct amount of liquid, pull the entire syringe out of the vial.

Subcutaneous Injection

  1. Pinch the injection site to create a firm surface.Alternate injection sites between either side of the stomach, back of the arm, or thigh. Inject two inches from the belly button on either side.
  2. Insert the needle into the skin between the index finger and thumb at 90 degrees.
  3. Using a slow and constant pressure, push the plunger rod until it reaches the bottom.
  4. Gently pull the syringe out of the skin.
  5. Discard the needle in a sharps container.

Subcutaneous injections will be very little pain because it is only injected directly under the skin. It can be injected into the stomach, thighs, and back of the upper arm.

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